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BURGERS – All Burgers served with chips

Succulent Homemade Beef Burger with bacon,
fried egg, onion jam, beetroot, tomato, lettuce &
BBQ sauce on a Turkish roll – 18.9

Peri Peri Chicken Burger with mixed julienne
aioli salad, lettuce, avocado & Swiss cheese on
a Turkish roll – 18.9

Scotch Fillet Steak Sandwich with sautéed herbed
mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion jam
and Swiss cheese served on toasted Turkish bread – 18.9

Grilled Cajun Spiced Fish Burger with lettuce,
tomato, onion & creamy house made tartare
sauce – 17.9

BLT- Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato topped with
aioli & capsicum coulis, served on a Turkish roll – 14.9
Add Avocado – BLAT 17.9


Warm BBQ Seafood Salad- Fish, Squid & Prawns
served over a fresh garden salad drizzled with a
balsamic dressing and accompanied with creamy
aioli & lemon – 23.9

Coconut crumbed prawns served over a fresh
summer salad, topped with mango salsa and an
Asian inspired dressing – 21.9

Moroccan Spiced Chicken served over a
Mediterranean vegetable salad with olives,
semi dried tomatoes, feta & a balsamic dressing – 18.9

Salt & Pepper Squid served on a citrus salad with
orange segments, Spanish onion, carrot & cherry
tomatoes 19.9


Cocoa’s Satay Chicken & Vegetable stir fry served
over steamed Jasmine rice-topped with crispy
fried shallots & toasted sesame seeds – 18.9

Fish of the Day- grilled to perfection, topped
with lemon herb butter, served with a crispy
garden salad & chips  – 21.9

Seafood Linguine-mixed seafood tossed through 21.9
a champagne & chive cream sauce, topped with

Roast Vegetable Stack – Corn fritter topped with
chargrilled vegetables, haloumi, pesto
and a drizzle of capsicum couli & balsamic glaze – 17.9

Chef’s Tart of the Day served with a rocket &
parmesan salad – 16.9


Buddha Bowl-quinoa, mushrooms, fresh baby
spinach, seared cherry tomatoes & grilled
asparagus-topped with a poached egg – 17.9

Cocoa Brekky Burger-bacon, egg, hash brown,
avocado, baby spinach cheese & BBQ sauce – 17.9

Bacon & Eggs served with Turkish toast  – 13.9


Smoked ham, cheese & pineapple open Turkish
melt served with a side salad – 14.9

Chicken, bacon, avocado & cheese open Turkish
melt served with a side salad – 15.9

Smoked Ham, tomato, Swiss cheese, mixed
salad greens & seeded mustard toasted sandwich – 11.9

Grilled Chicken breast, avocado salsa, cheese,
mixed salad greens & pesto aioli toasted sandwich – 11.9

Smoked Salmon, dill cream cheese, Spanish
onion& rocket toasted sandwich – 11.9

Roast Turkey Breast, avocado salsa, swiss
cheese, mixed salad greens & cranberry sauce
toasted sandwich – 11.9

Basket of Chips – 5.9
Basket Sweet Potato Chips – 6.9